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Another Day

Unworthy am I of Your mercies and love,
Blessings you send from heaven above.
How vast your goodness, how great your care, I reach out my hand and you are there.Amazing grace that I won't understand Until I reach that promised land.
Death could not keep my Lord in prison.
The angel declared, "He is risen!
A miracle, the victory,
 It sealed salvation for you and me.
I thank you, Jesus, for another day.
I cannot ask for more.
As moments pass, guide my way
Oh, help me I implore

To use each little space of time
Serving You - doing your will
Praising your holy name sublime.
Salvation's story tell, until

You call me from a far away shore
Step, my child, into eternity.
Time will become forevermore
And I will dwell in paradise with Thee.

Old Songs

On the winds of time they have blown away
Those golden melodies of yore.
Broken chords that will not replay.
I can't sing the old songs anymore.

Echoes from those symphonies
That I recall and adore
Are only precious memories
I can't sing the old songs anymore.


A thorn in my flesh God gave to me
I prayed, Take it away.
Like Paul of old it was not to be
I feel the sting each day.

He who sends the daily pain
Sends also love and peace.
I thought it loss. It was my gain.
Brokenness can bring release

From doubt and fear, I live
Leaning, precious Lord, on thee
Trusting in thy love and power
From my pain comes victory.

Early Morning

Early in the morning
At first break of day
As the sun is rising,
And the mists drift away

May we lift our voices,
Sing sweet praise
To our God, our maker,
The Ancient of days.

I will praise the LORD according to his righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the LORD most high. PSALMS - 7:17

The Word

Judgement Day

Jesus is The Word,
God's message to us.
He speaks now as
He spoke long ago
When he walked
The shores of Galilee.
Precious Lord Jesus,
 Speak to me.  
Each of us is given a life to spend on earth.
How we use it, what we make it worth
We must decide. It's called free-will,
But for each deed God sends a bill.
What we sow we will also reap.
What we give away is ours to keep.
However long it may delay,
There comes to each a judgement day.


When sorrow brings a darker hue,
I seek my Lord Jesus and pray it through.
When Satan with his devices would woo
I fall to my knees and pray it through.
What a blessing to know God is ever true.
He is always there if we pray it through.

I Lift My Voice

I lift my voice.
Let me sing
Praises to my
Lord and King,
Help me look
Around and see
All the blessings He
Gives to me.
My grateful heart
Is in awe of his love.
Magnificent gift
Sent from above


Christ put in my heart a song to sing.
In my mouth a message to bring.
In my spirit a song of eternal spring.

I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works.  PSALMS - 9:11

Thank You Lord

An Evening Prayer

Thank You, Lord for another day.
As I travel along on my way
May I be thankful for every gift
You give me. Help me to uplift
Those around me suffering grief,
Plagued by mourning, seeking relief
From pain and sorrow, help me to give
Of myself to Your service as long as I live.
Evening fades to twilight fast,
 Sunset is nearing. This is the last
Of a long and blessed time on earth.
I did not comprehend its worth.
I know now as my twilight fades
Into a night of darker shades,
How blessed I was. My thanks I give.
May I in my waning hours live
As a testimony, Lord to thee,
And how You died on Calvary
Tell of your love, sing Your Praise,
During these short, but last best days.

Walk By Faith

What lies ahead? We do not know.
God in his wisdom willed it so.
We walk by faith, whatever may be
Let me walk always close to Thee.

In Praise of Prayer

When we come together in prayer,
Be we few – If only two,
You hear and answer our requests.
We are so blessed

To bring to you each petition
With humble hearts and deep contrition.
We praise You for this gift from above.
We speak to you –feel your love.

In answers sent from your heavenly throne.
You are always near, we are never alone
In a world that is weary and plagued by sin
You are our shelter, our sovereign linchpin.

Teach us, Jesus, to seek your face,
Believe your word and trust your grace,
Seek your will, walk in your way,
And always, Lord. To watch and pray.